Hill Labs - AFT (Automatic Flexion Table)

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$12,749.00 Includes $1,159.00 GST

Availability: 4+ months

*Price of the table will vary as the base cost starts at $12,749.00 and is customised to have only the features you need. Tables are shown in the pictures with varied configurations.

Standard Vinyl
Finesse Material
1 available


The Hill AFT Manual Drop Table is your dependable, day-in, day-out ally for successful patient treatment. The AFT is surprisingly affordable for a table with standard features like variable speed automatic flexion, electric elevation, a tilting headpiece with sliding axial motion and a locking thoracic release. The Hill AFT is perfect for doctors looking for a full-featured automatic flexion table without the need for manually-controlled flexion.

The table features variable speed flexion, lateral flexion and a comprehensive list of other standard features and options. Automatic flexion distraction with the AFT was determined by the ACA Coding Committee to be billable under CPT Code 97012 (Mechanical and Motorized Traction) and CMT 98940-42 (Flexion / Distraction).

The AFT was designed to deliver effective lumbar flexion in one controlled and hands-free movement. Secure your patient with the ankle straps and pull out the sliding ankle piece to preload the lumbar spine. Unlock the standard sliding axial motion headpiece, set your flexion speed (1 to 28 rpm) and press the start button. If desired, unlock the lateral flexion handle and insert the tiller bar to perform effortless circumduction.

The Sliding Axial Motion Headpiece is a favorite standard feature for the AFT. It glides smoothly under your patient's head and moves in perfect unison with the flexion motion for exceptional facial comfort during a lumbar flexion treatment.

Electric Height: 55 - 74cm (higher starting heights available)
Length: 173 - 196cm Adjustable
Width: 61cm (69cm optional)
Foam: 8cm Medium Density (Soft, Firm, Extra-Firm available)
Technology: Automatic Flexion with Speed Control, Horizontal/Flexion Control
Product Weight: 159kg
Lifting Capacity: 204kg
Product Warranty: 1 year Warranty on all parts