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• Access the latest chiropractic tables and equipment without the financial stress.


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Forget complicated equipment financing options…

Secure Funding From A Financing Partner That Understands Your Needs & Simplifies Everything:

Vestone Capital

Experience hassle-free financing with Vestone Capital, backed by their deep chiropractic industry knowledge, straightforward process, and competitive rates.

Two Flexible Financing Options

  1. Equipment Finance: This financing option offers long-term plans and smaller monthly payments, ensuring your cash flow stays steady while you get the chiropractic tables you need.

  2. CTA Instalments: Pay just 25% upfront and spread the rest of the cost of your table over 3 months, with the option to include delivery and installation costs in your plan. You can choose to make monthly or fortnightly payments.


Quick. Easy. Stress-Free.

Vestone Capital’s application process is straightforward. They are also easy to work with and understand chiropractic practices, unlike banks. What's more, you have the choice to let the dedicated [your company name] team handle the process on your behalf, giving you precious time to concentrate on providing exceptional patient care, rather than getting bogged down in paperwork and administrative hassles.


Fast Approvals & Funding

No more waiting weeks or months for financing to come through. Vestone Capital has streamlined what can be a long process with other lenders or banks and turned it into a quick and efficient process that ensures you can secure approval in as little as 24 hours.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Vestone Capital is a specialized equipment finance company. It operates as a 50:50 joint venture between Macquarie Group and Mitsubishi HC Capital, making it a trustworthy partner.

Vestone Capital stands out due to its expertise in the chiropractic industry, competitive rates, and commitment to providing an easy and efficient financing experience. Their tailored solutions and vast experience in the chiropractic industry make them the ideal choice for chiropractors.

With Vestone Capital, you can secure approval within just 24 hours, to just 4 days if a manual assessment is required.


The borrowing limit can be upwards of $1200, depending on your specific financial situation and equipment needs. To ensure you make the right financial decision, your finance specialist will work closely with you to determine the most suitable financing amount for your chiropractic equipment requirements.

Your application will be managed by CTA. They will submit it to Vestone, who will handle the credit assessment, prepare the necessary documentation for electronic signatures, and facilitate the release of payment for the equipment to CTA. Throughout the entire process, CTA will keep you well-informed, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

It depends on the financing option you choose. If you choose equipment finance from Vestone, typically no deposit is required. However, if you select CTA installments, you will need to make a 25% deposit.

Yes, there’s a $330 documentation fee that applies to all financing arrangements. Additionally, If you opt for the CTA Instalments choice, there is also a $50 administration fee.

Yes, you have the option to pay off your loan earlier than initially planned. This will grant you a discount on your contracted future interest rate.

Get Free Expert Advice On Equipment Financing

CTA's dedicated team, is here to provide you with invaluable advice on financing your equipment. We'll answer your questions and empower you to make well-informed financial decisions.