Elite - High Low Elevation Table

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$13,189.00 Includes $1,199.00 GST

Availability: 2-4 months

*Price of the table will vary as the base cost starts at $13,189.00 and is customised to have only the features you need. Tables are shown in the pictures with varied configurations.

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High Low, vertical & elevating table. Custom built to accommodate the diversified techniques you use every day.



  • Variable Elevation Height: your choice 21″-29″ or 24″-32″ (footswitch controlled)
  • The electric motor is powerful, quiet and smooth
  • Rated to 230 kg. (500 lbs.)+
  • Multi-directional headpiece – Tilt, Elevation and Spread
  • 21″ wide table surface
  • The cervical headpiece can be raised up to 6″ above cushions
  • Cervical Drop (forward motion or toggle straight drop)
  • Easy drop foot cocking pedal on both sides of the table (available when purchasing drops)
  • Elevating thoracic and Pelvic/Lumbar sections (each tilt upward to 15 degrees)
  • Knee break adjusts up 20 degrees with ankle rest extension
  • Easy access to adjustment controls
  • Low maintenance, dependable function
  • Sturdy welded steel construction
  • Powder-coated table base, Black or White
  • Wide assortment of colors available in Healthcare grade upholstery

Table Height - 53 - 81cm
Table Width - 53 - 61cm