ChiroLux - Portable Table Plus Premium Package

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$2,088.90 Includes $189.90 GST

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*Price of the table will vary as the base cost starts at $2,088.90 and is customised to have only the features you need. Tables are shown in the pictures with varied configurations.

The ChiroLux Plus Chiropractic Table brings the professional-grade durability and portability with the addition of function shoulder cutouts and improved weight capacity. The table’s high-quality synthetic upholstery, 1” thick firm density foam, and functional shoulder cutouts allow for maximum patient comfort, while still providing a firm base for adjustments. Telescoping height adjustment and 5-position Quick-Touch Flexion/extension headpiece ensure that the table fits any patient, therapist, or chiropractor. ChiroLux CheekPads with High Density Foam included with the table provide even more comfort and adjustability to the headpiece.The cable system and aircraft aluminum tubing means that the table is both durable and lightweight. No need to worry about sliding or tipping with the wide stance legs and no-slip-feet. CrossBar allows you to easily convert the portable table into a stationary table with this stationary support rod.

This premium package includes:

  • Armrest
  • Leg extension
  • Cross Bar
  • Carry Case (nylon canvas)
  • Lightweight coming in under 10kg 
  • Flexibility: 5 position quick-touch flexion/extension headpiece
  • Stability: Welded aircraft aluminum tubing provides solid stability
  • Sturdiness: Permanently connected cables
  • Customizable: Push button telescoping height adjustment 45cm - 71cm
  • Portability: Soft, comfortable custom table handle
  • Patient Comfort: Onyx black synthetic upholstery on 1" thick firm density foam and functional shoulder cutouts to allow maximum comfort
  • Reliability: Wide stance legs and no slip feet to prevent sliding and tipping

Weight: 9.9kg
Table Width 51cm
Length 178cm
Maximum Adjustable Height: 71 cm
Active Weight Capacity: 181kg