Thuli Tables - Side Arm Rests

Starting At:
$396.00 Includes $36.00 GST

Availability: 2-4 months

*Price of the table will vary as the base cost starts at $396.00 and is customised to have only the features you need. Tables are shown in the pictures with varied configurations.

1 available

Wider Table in Seconds!

Do you sometimes need a wider table for larger patients or certain treatment modalities?  The Side Arm Rests are the perfect answer!  They attach quickly and increase the table width in the upper table region.  Available only on specific tables and must be ordered at the time of table (cannot be retrofitted).

  • Increases table width 8″ – 12″ (see above for details)
  • Available only at time of table purchase
  • Quick & easy to attach, set of 2
  • Side Arm Rest on right side must be removed to use Thoracic & Pelvic Drops
  • Carry separately from the Tour during transport
  • Tour: 4” x 26” x 1.5″ thick

Increases table width - 20cm - 30cm