Sun Chiro - Contemporary III Elevation Chiropractic Table

Starting At:
$8,349.00 Includes $759.00 GST

Availability: 2-4 months

*Price of the table will vary as the base cost starts at $8,349.00 and is customised to have only the features you need. Tables are shown in the pictures with varied configurations.

Wood Stain
1 available

Our Contemporary III Elevation table is truly one of a kind. Mounted on a double (660 pound) three-stage column, you get the lifting capacity your practice needs. In addition, your new table will be capable of starting as low as 18 inches and elevating to 30 for accommodating the most extensive range of Doctor heights and techniques. Our table's 12-inch lifting range is offers a unique advantage over similar tables on the market.

Included drops as standard on the table are a Cervical Flexion/Extension Headpiece, Lumbo/Pelvic Drop, Knee Break and Foot Extension.

Length - 178cm
Width - 56cm
Height 46 cm - 66 cm
Weight - 68kg (approx)