Nervo-Scope Pro-X

$3,023.90 Includes $274.90 GST

Combining the latest scientific breakthroughs with the trusted sturdiness of our original design!

New Nervo-Scope® Pro-X!

Based on the input of chiropractic practitioners and academia from around the globe, this next-gen scope merges the latest scientific breakthroughs from our lab with the trusted (and nostalgic) sturdiness of our original design. Pre-launch feedback underscores the genuine excitement for distinctive features like the fully adjustable legs and heads to accommodate patients of all shapes, sizes, and ages. 

Plus, in addition to making the preferred super-glide tips standard, we refined this advanced scope with contour flex tips, an auto-off feature, and eight easily changeable sensitivities. An advanced large touchscreen display with dark and light modes lets you clearly see the temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit—in either graph or numerical form. Other features include digital or analog views, a rechargeable USB-C battery, and an unmatched adjustability of heads, offering maximum range of motion for every type of patient.


  • 8 sensitivities that are easily changed with the push of a button
  • Contour flex tips
  • Auto-off feature
  • Advanced large touchscreen display with dark and light modes with smartphone user interface
  • Displays temperatures from glides/readings in °C or °F and in graph or numerical form
  • Quick view of digital or analog with the swipe of a screen
  • Rechargeable USB-C battery
  • Most adjustability of heads ever, offering maximum range of motion for every type of patient (human, equine, and everything in between)
  • Temporarily stores selected glide with an easy to read graph view to allow your patient to see any breaks that you viewed